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Alter Disco


We changed a few kind words with Alter Disco about their latest Projects in Brazil.

Independent Groove: What is Alter Disco?

Alter Disco: A group of artists and friends who value a broad definition of dance music. Interested mostly in vibe rather than genre, we orbit the space of our hot tropical beaches in South America and our African forefathers across the Atlantic as much as we do Detroit, London, Berlin, and beyond. Paying homage to the holy trinity of house-disco-techno is as important to us as venturing off the beaten path and spinning (records from) across the globe through space and time.

Independent Groove: Why is Alter Disco? The reasons under the creation of your collective?

Alter Disco: With a collective desire to let our hair down in more inclusive environments, we decided to pursue that end ourselves and gather both music and people who wouldn’t otherwise come together in a single space in our hometown of Curitiba, Brazil. Filling the voids and bridging the gaps is our goal, as is creating a new alternative of leisure and dance for friends and likeminded people.

Independent Groove: The implication of the artists Kickflip Mike & Max Graef show your wish of pushing Jazz influenced House music. Would it be a good way to describe the music of your collective, or is there more?

Alter Disco:We were lucky to have Kickflip Mike and Luds, both from Max Graef’s band and record label playing at our party. The dusty, jazz influenced house brought by their label Box Aus Holz definitely speaks to us, but more broadly, we’re interested in artists and collectives that bring a broad range of influences, both organic and electronic, to their visions and output. Other labels and collectives that, in our view, excel at this kind of vibe include Canadian Riviera collective Mood Hut (championed by the Pender Street Steppers), the whole Rush Hour crew from Amsterdam, Norwegian label Sex Tags Mania of DJs Sotofett and Fettburger, Canadian DJ Eddie C and his Red Motorbike label, the future house / retro boogie scene of Washington D.C. led by Future Times and Peoples Potential Unlimited, and the Invisible City Soundsystem folks of Toronto, who run an awesome online shop for the heads. Also, there is no way to end this list of artists that inspire us without mentioning two Brazilian groups: Selvagem and Gop Tun.

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Independent Groove: What other artist should join you in this journey?

Alter Disco: Any of those interested in exploring the outer reaches and boundaries of what is defined as dance music while also uninhibitedly enjoying a lot of house, techno and disco. We also appreciate other sorts of artistic interventions in our parties, having invited street and video artists to provide accompanying visuals to our soundscapes.

Independent Groove: What will be your first project as a Collective?

Alter Disco: Right now we are focused on bringing artists in which we believe, both Brazilian and international, to play in our parties in Curitiba. Further, exploring new possibilities in terms of venues and spaces is as important to us as bringing forward and underground music to our public.

Two of our crew members (Phil Mill and De Sena) are also producers, and there are plans to start the Alter Disco label next year. Our hope is to eventually release material on wax and bring our party/music to other cities in Brazil (and beyond).

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Independent Groove: If you could name one artist, dead or alive, that you would dream to see joining you, who would it be?

Alter Disco: Since our musical taste is so different, I believe this answer will need to be answered separately:

Barbara Boeing: No Zu

De Sena: Tim Maia

Phil Mill: Larry Levan

Rotunno: Move D

Independent Groove: Can you imagine a world where the Fender Rhodes have not been invented?

Alter Disco: Fender Rhoder is a legendary instrument. To be honest, nowadays, being so imerged into music and listening to so many diferent kinds of songs and genres it is really difficult to imagine ocidental music without Fender Rhodes. To me, this instrument has evolved so much in electronic music, it took music to another level, just like the electric guitar. I can’t think of an electric piano more iconic, when it comes to everything Fender has developed in music, and when we say music we mean pop, jazz, rock, electronic, experimental and a few more.

We can’t end this ode to this instrument without quoting a soundtrack for Twin Peaks from David Lynch, composed by Angelo Badalamenti,  which the major themes were made by Fender Rhodes, and only this is already a reason to say that is not possible to imagine a world without Fender Rhodes.

Independent Groove: Mom-vs-Dad’s question : House or Acid Jazz?

Alter Disco: Mostly house, we are definitely all house heads, although we do indulge in hefty amounts of jazz-funk, Balearic, ambient, disco, boogie, and any other genre fit for a Paradise Garage marathon, a session of sunrise meditation, or the bins in record stores from Tokyo to Lagos.

Independent Groove: How would you describe the actual electro-house-techno scene from your perspective?

Alter Disco: We are firm believers that the house-techno scene is very solid at the moment, with tons of great music being released, niche labels catering to diverse tastes, and lots of parties coming correct with the right vibes. More specifically in Brazil, there are interesting crews pushing things forward in São Paulo, and other producers throughout the country are putting out music that’s being played in the circuit of underground dance music. Further, a surge in interest in Brazilian music, championed by the likes of Rush Hour and Floating Points / Eglo Records, has further increased the exchange between Brazilian and foreign artists. Still, we believe we have a role to play in our city. There are new collectives and parties springing up that make us excited about advancing and propagating dance music culture in our hometown, both by throwing our own parties and by DJing and interacting with different groups.

Independent Groove: Should be first but come last : Why the name „Alter Disco“?

Alter Disco: As we’ve mentioned, our party started as an alternative to the existing environments, an inclusive space that sought to bring together otherwise segregated groups of people. In particular, we tried to cater, from the beginning, to people who listened exclusively to dance music and to people who barely listened to house or techno, fostering exchange and laid back mingling. From the idea of an alternative clubbing experience and the love for the whole concept of a discothèque, so came together Alter Disco.

Independent Groove: We thank you for your time and wish you much success with Alter Disco.

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  1. Guilherme Mello sagt:

    Great interview! Amazing how you guys could put down in words what Alter Disco means. From your thoughts and inspirations to our vivid and enthusiastic ears!
    Once you go Alter Disco, you can never go back!

    1. Maurice sagt:

      Glad that you like Guilherme!

  2. Kat ji sagt:

    How can we get more? No downloads or releases? Only soundcloud? /128kbps

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