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JohnSam – Time


JohnSam’s rich, organic voice first appeared in February 2018 with his debut single “Youth”.

His new single Time arrives after two years. We changed a few kind words with JohnSam.

Independent Groove: Who are you?

JohnSam: JohnSam! I am singer and piano/bass player.

Independent Groove:Tell us something about your new single time?

JohnSam: I wrote and produced the song together with a friend of mine (Thomas Schöttl) at Abbey Road Institute Berlin. It is an institute that offers an „Advanced Diploma in music production and sound engineering“. Everything was recorded in their studios and it was a wonderful experience. As a student I was constantly surrounded by amazingly talented musicians and coaches who thought me almost everything I know. The song was mixed and mastered by two other classmates of mine.

Independent Groove: Why is the track called ‚Time‘?

JohnSam: Shortly before we started writing the song, I had just lost a beloved family member. And in my grief, I am looking for someone to blame for it. I chose time itself and directly confronted it in the song. „Why did you run?“ „Was I too ungrateful growing up?“. I am searching for answers on why her time had to end.
During the song, I understand that I’m the one to blame. That it was me who did value the time with her, as I had the chance. It took me too long to realize that Time is a friend of mine. The song is supposed to remind me of what’s important in my life.

Independent Groove: Thank you for this deep insight into your new single!








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