Difficult Child, the latest offering from Reading-based producer Stanky, is a dramatic departure from his recent collaboration with Rex Domino, where cinematic digital purgatory underpins dismal stories and anthemic hooks.

Hauled out from the depths of a tired hard drive and given new life, *Difficult Child* was born out of a curiosity to conceive an honest and organic auditory experience. Sculpted from layers of late night improvised sessions, each track is a new world for the listener  to explore.

Tracks such as ‘Primal Children’ and ‘Nimbus / Autistic Fry Up’ best highlight the adventure and childlike unpredictability of this record. The jarringly demented ‘Sarcophagus Bathtub’ and ‘Butternut Voodoo Dub’ add an element of unease, while some respite is provided by the skin crawling title track ‘Difficult Child’ and prickly melancholy of ‘The Pin’, which leave the listener pondering whether the recordings continue to live on long after they’ve stopped listening.

With this project, Stanky is carving out his own niche in the saturated and arguably perfectionist world of electronic music. With his characteristic disregard for conventional form, he has created a challenging yet intriguing listen:  ‘I would say I’m proud of this stuff… Although, I can’t help feeling like I need to make excuses for it. It was created without the listener in mind so it seems kind of strange to me now I’m concerned with what people might think of it. This is my Difficult Child.’

Stanky - Difficult Child
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